Friday, December 28, 2012

the man in black

i have always been a fan of johnny cash's music and though i could sing you every lyric of his songs, i couldn't tell you a thing about the mysterious man in black.

i had been meaning to change this by watching joaquin phoenix's portrayal of cash for years since "walk the line" was released, but never managed to get around to it. however, now that i am forced to lie in my bed and cram in all of the movies ive been meaning to watch (horrible, i know!) i decided to learn more about little j.r. cash and how he became the famous musician the world came to idolize.

if you haven't seen "walk the line" i suggest you watch it immediately. its beautifully done and joaquin and reese witherspoon's performances are equally stunning. i was so in awe of the love story between june carter and johnny cash- i found myself crying multiple times throughout the film as i watched cash desperately pursue june (and of course again when she finally agreed to marry him). cash's childhood was depicted so well i felt the happiness and trust he had with his older brother, jack, and the hurt he experienced from his fathers attitude toward him. and of course, watching the way cash shot to fame was incredible and made me wish i could have been one of the insane screaming girls at one of his early concerts.

though i didnt think it was possible, i think i am now even more in love with mr. cash (and joaquin, but that seems to happen every time i watch him in anything).

looks like i will be listening to a lot of "live at folsom prison" for a while... :]

have a great rest of your friday everyone!


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