Monday, March 11, 2013

my funny valentine

i know it's a bit late, but i had to share a little about the amazing valentine's day hector and i celebrated at the happiest place on earth :]
both hector and i aren't huge valentine's dayers, but being that this was our very first february 14th with "real" valentines, most of mine have just been a silly exchange of kisses and sweets, we decided to go all out.
we started the day by heading out to the magic kingdom early and running to our favorite of the day, space mountain (which we rode twice in a row before moving onto another attraction).
after working up an appetite in tomorrow land, we headed to the blue bayou, the restaurant overlooking pirates of the caribbean.
of course, being the procrastinators that we are, hector and i hadn't even thought of making a reservation, which we found out they start taking 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE (crazy). since the restaurant was all booked with lovebirds wanting to dine on the overpriced cuisine, we were initially turned away, but since i am often referred to by my mother as a pit bull because of my refusal to take "no" as an answer, i told the staff we would wait to see if a party failed to show up. low and behold it was only twenty minutes until that happened and, after watching a slew of tourists get turned away because, like us, they hadn't made a reservation, we were seated without a problem :]
we each ordered our own huge and delicious steak which i didn't photograph because we were both so hungry we couldn't wait to dig into our food (in hindsight, i wish my stomach could have held out a second longer because this was a HUGE steak).
after getting our ride fix (with the exception of splash mountain which was closed) and taking a cheesy picture in front of the castle, we decided to turn in early.
we ended the perfect day in a lovely castle themed hotel across from the park where we exchanged cards and hector surprised me with the sweetest love notes and even sweeter chocolate! :P
at the risk of sounding like a silly little girl, i couldn't have thought up a more magical valentine's day if i tried :]
have your own valentine's day fairytale? i'd love to hear about it! leave your story in a comment or send it to my email <3


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