Tuesday, July 16, 2013


anyone who knows me knows that my pug, olivia, is my favorite person in the world. yes, person.
we don't play, we hang out. she sleeps in my bed with her head on a pillow and her little, wrinkly body under the covers with me. when we go out in public, she sits in the chair next to me. she gets carried like a baby and she wears a seat belt in the car.
since rescuing olivia this past october, my life has changed so much and i can't remember what i ever did without my little bundle of pug joy. but mine isn't the only life thats changed--olivia came from a terrible backyard breeding situation where she literally had nothing--not even a name. she was relinquished to a wonderful animal rescue called Pug Nation LA because the breeder had too many pugs (somewhere around 15) and couldnt deal with them anymore.

i had never had or really wanted a pet before, but was partial to the loving, snorting, flat faced little dogs. i found out about Pug Nation and randomly decided to go with my boyfriend to one of their adoption fairs. i had promised my parents i was going just to look, but when hector and i got to the adoption we saw and fell in love with the tiny pug with the huge fluffy neck sitting alone, minding her own business in the corner of the pen while all the other puggles jumped up and pined for our attention. both hector and i knew immediately that this was our dog. we filled out the foster forms and learned that olivia had been at the rescue for months and no one had adopted her. it was fate.
when i sent the picture above to my parents and told them we had filled out forms to foster they were less than thrilled. after i told them of the situation olivia had come from, they reluctantly agreed to let me have a trial run with her as her foster mom. i brought olivia home and to everyones surprise, she won over my mom and, even more shockingly, my dad who is not exactly what you could call an animal person. a few weeks later with my parents on board i signed olivias adoption papers and the rest is history!

it pains my family and me to think of olivias situation before she came into our lives and what would have happened if she had not been relinquished to Pug Nation and to a kill shelter instead. we are so incredibly grateful to pug nation for all that they do and for the happiness they bring to so many people AND pugs.
there are so many other pets like olivia that need our help! 

if you cant adopt, or already do and want to do more to contribute, here's what you can do:

i am participating in an event called Strut Your Mutt to save the lives of homeless pets. please visit my PAGE and see how YOU can help stop the 9,000 homeless pets that are killed in america's shelters each day.
thank you so much!
have a great tuesday, loves.

olivia and me :]

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