Sunday, March 2, 2014

in love with the land of eternal spring

its been a while since ive fallen in love with an entire collection--and when i say in love i mean IN LOVE. im talking head over heels, kid in a toy store, varuca salt "i want it all" in love.

no, i hadnt felt that all consuming desire and need to write every item on my birthday wish list love for quite some time UNTIL...for love and lemons released their "land of eternal spring" lookbook.

when i saw the first image of antigua, guatemala with its bright colors, old architecture, and cobblestone streets i was already hooked. THEN i saw the clothes and i practically passed out. the prints, the detailing, the cutouts, the colors, the everything. it is all just perfect and i have to have it all. of course, with a minimum wage income and an impressive online shopping debt, little me probably wont have all of it--BUT--a girl can dream, right?!

although said lookbook came out a while ago, its a little gloomy here in la so i thought a pretend getaway with these summery looks would be perfect.

here are some of my favorite images from the lookbook. hope you love them too :]

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Free People Spring Intimates Wishlist

since getting hired at free people over the summer, i have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with our massive selection of intimates. each piece is so feminine and can make you feel like a princess in a t-shirt and jeans as long as you are wearing one of our gorgeous lacy bras or printed cheeky panties underneath.

we recently got in some beautiful new items in pretty pastels for spring and ive compiled some of my favorites into this list! hope you enjoy them as much as i do :]

Free People Spring Intimates Wishlist

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

valentines is right around the corner...

hi lovebirds!

what are you doing for valentines day?

dont know yet? no worries!

if the typical fancy dinner has become a little monotonous (or your favorite restaurant is already booked up with reservations and you were just a liiitle too late) i made a list of free/VERY affordable and unconventional valentines date ideas for you!

try one out with your special someone or your best friends if youre a single lady and let me know how it goes :]

ps. if you want to do something to get in the spirit of this v-day, hold a valentines crafting party with all your girlfriends. put on some rom-coms, lay out massive amounts of chocolate, and pull out the glitter for a full night of making sweet cards for your crush and loved ones!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

oh ive missed you...

hi guys!

its been a VERY long time.

ive said it before, but it always amazes me how life just goes in these waves of mayhem and then sudden calm. its so difficult to not get carried away when things get insane. its equally as difficult to not feel stuck in a rut or lost when things slow down. because of this im going to resume posting regularly from this post onward in an effort to help balance these two phases of my life out.

much has happened since my last post in july. ive had so many incredible highs these past few months but ive had a couple disappointing lows as well. although those are never fun, these events have shown me just how strong a person can be when put to the test. thats the other crazy thing about life--you never know how much you are capable of or even how good things are until things get turned upside down and youre left to sort through it all.

there isnt really much of a point to this post other than to say hello once again and that i hope the past few months have been great for you as well!

i look forward to talking to you guys a lot more often :]


Monday, July 22, 2013

oh my gatsby!

i am completely lusting over the glamourous new wildfox lookbook. 

inspired by the annĂ©es folles (crazy years) of f. scott fitzgeralds classic great gatsby, wildfoxs fall 2013 collection will make you want to party like its 1922.
enjoy, loves!
have a great monday night xx