Sunday, March 2, 2014

in love with the land of eternal spring

its been a while since ive fallen in love with an entire collection--and when i say in love i mean IN LOVE. im talking head over heels, kid in a toy store, varuca salt "i want it all" in love.

no, i hadnt felt that all consuming desire and need to write every item on my birthday wish list love for quite some time UNTIL...for love and lemons released their "land of eternal spring" lookbook.

when i saw the first image of antigua, guatemala with its bright colors, old architecture, and cobblestone streets i was already hooked. THEN i saw the clothes and i practically passed out. the prints, the detailing, the cutouts, the colors, the everything. it is all just perfect and i have to have it all. of course, with a minimum wage income and an impressive online shopping debt, little me probably wont have all of it--BUT--a girl can dream, right?!

although said lookbook came out a while ago, its a little gloomy here in la so i thought a pretend getaway with these summery looks would be perfect.

here are some of my favorite images from the lookbook. hope you love them too :]

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Free People Spring Intimates Wishlist

since getting hired at free people over the summer, i have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with our massive selection of intimates. each piece is so feminine and can make you feel like a princess in a t-shirt and jeans as long as you are wearing one of our gorgeous lacy bras or printed cheeky panties underneath.

we recently got in some beautiful new items in pretty pastels for spring and ive compiled some of my favorites into this list! hope you enjoy them as much as i do :]

Free People Spring Intimates Wishlist

Sunday, February 9, 2014

the last few months according to my instagram...

as i said before, a lot happened over the past couple of months while i was mia. i figured it would be far too difficult to WRITE  a post detailing some of my favorite moments during that time, so here are some pictures to SHOW you guys instead :]
back in june i turned 21. hector truly went all out and basically turned my birthday into an entire MONTH. needless to say, it was amazing.
in july i landed my dream job working as a stylist at free people and we rang in hectors 21st by getting him drunk for his very first time! >.<
at the end of september, hector and i spent the day at disneyland for our one year anniversary. we each got annual passes since we are just a leeeetle obsessed.
i took an incredible trip to mammoth with my geography class at the beginning of october. it was my first time up in the mountains and i couldn't believe how beautiful it was there.
the rest of october was amazing. my best friend flew in from texas to visit before she left to move to africa and, of course, we went to disneyland while she was here. i celebrated halloween with my coworkers, but got olivia in the spirit with her hot pink wig beforehand :]
in november, hector, olivia, and i celebrated our second thanksgiving together. i could not be more grateful to have those two in my life and to get to see them every single day. as you can see, i also drastically changed my hair to a fire engine red on a whim ^^ 
december is my favorite month because i love the holidays so so much. during december hector and i had lots of cozy movie nights and LOTS of seasonal food and sweets :] olivia and i even had matching christmas morning onsies.
in january, i rang in the new year with a group of my best friends from high school. even since the first of the year so much has changed. i made my first ever real resolution and have kept it so far. i am taking stats and pre calc and am somehow making my way through while working two jobs. ive started my ebay store back up, have gotten a head start on spring cleaning, and am planning more projects for the upcoming months. 
sometimes while youre in the midst of it all, things seem insane and sometimes miserable when life is too hectic, but in looking back on these past couple of months all i feel is joy and excitement for whats to come. we all just have to remember to take the time and think about were grateful for on a regular basis because there is SO much :]]
what are YOU grateful for?? let me know!