Friday, December 28, 2012

the man in black

i have always been a fan of johnny cash's music and though i could sing you every lyric of his songs, i couldn't tell you a thing about the mysterious man in black.

i had been meaning to change this by watching joaquin phoenix's portrayal of cash for years since "walk the line" was released, but never managed to get around to it. however, now that i am forced to lie in my bed and cram in all of the movies ive been meaning to watch (horrible, i know!) i decided to learn more about little j.r. cash and how he became the famous musician the world came to idolize.

if you haven't seen "walk the line" i suggest you watch it immediately. its beautifully done and joaquin and reese witherspoon's performances are equally stunning. i was so in awe of the love story between june carter and johnny cash- i found myself crying multiple times throughout the film as i watched cash desperately pursue june (and of course again when she finally agreed to marry him). cash's childhood was depicted so well i felt the happiness and trust he had with his older brother, jack, and the hurt he experienced from his fathers attitude toward him. and of course, watching the way cash shot to fame was incredible and made me wish i could have been one of the insane screaming girls at one of his early concerts.

though i didnt think it was possible, i think i am now even more in love with mr. cash (and joaquin, but that seems to happen every time i watch him in anything).

looks like i will be listening to a lot of "live at folsom prison" for a while... :]

have a great rest of your friday everyone!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

winter lovin

a few cute things in some of the colors im loving right now :]

my christmas according to instagram

hello everyone!

hoping this finds you well after a fantastic christmas eve and day :]

here are some photos i took around my house on christmas (since i am still not allowed out! i know right?!) via my instagram: dahli_lammaa

the gingerbread house i built with hector on christmas eve (he had never built one before!)
another picture of my ring :]
a kawaiid up version of myself in my christmas pjs
some cute ballerina socks i found at a 99 cent store >.<
my day after christmas nails
one of my favorite gifts this year
my gift wrapping skills for hector's present :]

and now for new years!


Monday, December 24, 2012

a christmas gift for you from phil spector

hello lovlies and merry christmas eve!

i hope you all have a fantastic holiday filled with holiday cheer, family, friends, snow (if you live somewhere where white christmases exist! if you do, im jealous!), love, and of course, egg nog :]

to add to your christmas eve ambiance, or frantic last minute gift wrapping, here is my favorite christmas album of all time, a christmas gift for you from phil spector.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

my favorite winter things...

christmas music. reading by the fireplace. scarves. baking cookies. coffee. kisses under the mistletoe. hot apple cider. new years eve. watching the snow fall from inside a warm room. mittens. making gingerbread houses. candles. long thick socks. holiday cheer. ice skating with someone special. twinkling lights. hot breakfasts on cozy mornings. ear muffs. wrapping presents. a new years kiss. holiday specials on tv. egg nog. the smell of christmas trees. building forts. friends, family, and the sense of magic all around.

what do you love about winter?


Saturday, December 22, 2012

maybe the cheesiest thing ill ever post...

at the age of twelve, when i was in the seventh grade, i met the love of my life.

though i didn't know it then, and never could have foreseen it at the time, the goofy little boy with braces who excelled in the robotics academy and was known around school for being exceptionally tiny was just eight years away from becoming the person i would eventually call my best friend, now my boyfriend, and someday my fiance then husband. i'm so sorry, i am aware of how terribly cheesy that sounds but its hard to express without a little cheese :]

hector and i were not in the same group of friend in the seventh grade. i was in the performing arts and he was in robotics, but having a few classes together throughout our three years in middle school, it was inevitable for us not to know who the other was. still, knowing one another's name never led to anything more than that, not even a conversation as far as either of us can remember.

fast forward to january of 2012. i had recently come home after leaving a performing arts conservatory on the east coast and ended up working at a movie theater near my house. on my first day of training i passed the concession stand and immediately recognized the face behind the counter-hector's. i introduced, or technically reintroduced, myself and tried to make small talk about how i remembered him from middle school, but he didn't seem to be having it.

after a week or so of working together, hector and i started hanging out with a big group of co workers and then alone. we became inseparable right away and were soon seen as a package deal. not long after that, hector started "putting the moves on", something i still tease him about. he was pulling out all the stops-paying for my food and refusing my offer to chip in for dinner, opening doors for me, awkwardly putting his arm around me while watching a movie or walking together, going out of his way to make sure none of our other friends were invited to our plans, the list goes on and on and i'll spare him of the more embarrassing details. at the time, i saw him as just a friend. a very BEST friend, but nothing more than that. luckily, when i told him this, our friendship didn't suffer.

months went by, he cheered me on while i went through obstacles i never thought i could overcome, we helped each other when things were crazy at home, we talked on the phone and texted for hours on end, he would tell me he still had feelings for me, i didn't feel the same, different boyfriends and girlfriends went in and out of our lives, we spent every day together, he watched me date one of his best friends and held me as i cried over that break up for months after it happened, he went out of his way to show me how much he cared about me and i did the same for him but, "just as a friend", and one day i finally realized, "i like hector" and the rest is history.

this past year of knowing hector sticks out like a sore thumb as being one of the best i've ever had. we are both so insanely happy and bring out the absolute best in each other. we've been through so much together, so much more than you would think could occur in just one year, and i can't wait for all the craziness we are going to go through in the future, good and bad. i've spent my entire life adamantly stating that i would never get married because i didn't believe it was possible to love someone so much you'd actually want to be with them EVERY SINGLE DAY. then i met hector and now i can't seem to spend enough time with him or think of much else besides the day we will walk down the isle and start a family. but don't think we're in any rush to do this! we are only twenty and loving every minute of our lives right now. finishing school, working toward our future careers, taking care of our pug, olivia, who really is much cuter than most babies and doesn't require as much work, and enjoying each other is all we're planning on for A LONG WHILE.

i love you hector and can't wait to spend 2013 and many years after with you :]

do you have a love story you'd like to share? post it in the comment section or email me!

thanks for reading!


*all photos taken from my instagram: dahli_lammaa :]

**you can follow my amazing boyfriend's instagram as well and keep up to date on all of his artwork: talentwasteland

Friday, December 21, 2012

pink friday

happy friday, everyone!

last jerzday

Reposted from my Tumblr-

december 19, 2012

two days ago, toward the beginning of my bed sentence, i watched the jersey shore for the very first time.

yes, you heard me correctly. i had never once seen the drunk, fist pumping, tanned guidos and guidettes of new jersey ever before in the entire six seasons it has graced our television sets.

i have to admit i have gone out of my way on a number of occasions to avoid the loss of brain cells that would inevitably come from viewing the show, but figured, “here i am confined to my bed for at least the next three weeks and mtv is having a marathon leading up to the show’s series finale on thursday SO, what better time to start watching?”

as awful as the show is, and as much as i am completely uninvested in what is going on in each episode (i pretty much use the show as background noise as i go in and out of sleep all day) i find the world of vinny, the meatballs, and ronnie somewhat entertaining. of course, so does the rest of the world or the show wouldn’t be in its sixth season already. in all honesty, being a meatball doesn’t seem too bad. i think of all the show’s stars, the two self proclaimed balls of meat, deena and snooki, are my favorite. these past few days, however, have not made a jersey shore fan of me or anything close. when the show ends on thursday i will be not only unemotional, but hopeful that something a little more intellectually challenging will air in its place, though im sure mtv has no such plans.

not to worry though, i haven’t spent the entirety of my time rotting my mind with episodes of the infamous reality show-i have also been holding my own quentin tarantino marathons, rewatching girls before season two’s premiere, and browsing baby gap’s website, as well as a number of other lovely baby sites, planning outfits and nurseries for my future children, along with their names…. >.< (most likely, a post about my future children will be coming very soon as i have been thinking about the subject a scary amount lately)

with all of my free time, i am also going to start up a new blogspot! this blog actually began as one years ago, but with its mostly picture format i figured tumblr was a better fit. now with the addition of writing posts, i think a transition to blogspot is in order.

as soon as the new blogspot is up and running i’ll post the link and hopefully some of you will continue to follow! id love that! :]

till next time <3


NOTE: i did tune in to the series finale last night and have to say, i was sad to see it end and am looking forward to snooki and jwoww's next season :]

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

an instagrammed look at my recovery these past few days...




this past friday, the fourteenth, i underwent a septoplasty surgery to correct my good old whistlin and deviated septum. therefore, i am banished to my bed until further notice from my doctor.

with all of my free time and swarming thoughts, i figured, since we live in the day and age where each of the 6,973,738,433 people on this earth are under the impression that the rest of the world is anxiously awaiting their every facebook check in or newest instagrammed meal, why not take to the internet and share with you my every “save me im bored” plea or “i want pizza so bad right now” wish?

hopefully you enjoy! maybe you are even recovering from a surgery of your own and, out of boredom and desperation, stumbled upon this and are reading it now! either way, welcome, i love you, and here it goes!

today i was thinking a lot about ice cream. though this is a common, and actually pretty constant, thought in my head (especially seeing as i work at coldstone), in the days leading up to my surgery i fantasized excessively about my recovery in which i would lay in my big fluffy bed all day and feast on all the ice cream my heart desired! however, this dream came to a screeching halt when i saw my doctor a few days after my procedure. i have an extremely cautious father who never forgets to ask even the smallest or silliest question and after what i found to be an unnecessarily thorough conversation between him and my doctor over sorbets, ice cream, sherbet, and frozen yogurts, my doctor informed me that the dairy in ice cream would ultimately make my recovery more difficult/uncomfortable. ice cream coma dreams=crushed

today at a follow up check i was disappointed to hear the doctor still didn’t want me to have visitors because i could get overexcited causing my nose to bleed (really cool, i know). still, this was especially disappointing because one of my visitors was going to bring me ice cream! my doctor then told my mom and me that a few days ago he had to have a twenty minute discussion with a patient about the problems with ice cream and recovering from a sinus surgery only to pause at the end of his story and say “oh wait…that was YOU”. needless to say, i am still ice creamless :(

maybe tomorrow…? :)


hello everyone!

some of you reading this may already follow my tumblr blog, if not, welcome! i'm dahlia :] i reside in the beautiful southern california with my parents and the sweetest pug you will ever meet, miss olivia, and have the greatest boyfriend a girl could ask for, hector (who i often refer to as bubuluh).

i am starting this blog as sort of a supplement to my other blog which is primarily inspirational photos i post taken by other people that i find all over the internet. eskimo kisses will be filled with more personal posts like my own writings and photos.

i hope you enjoy and check back often for updates!